Comparing Images

When Screenshotbot detects changes on your master branch, it automatically creates a report. (Note, we also create reports on Pull Requests, and you can manually compare two different runs. The discussion in this document applies to each of these comparisons).

A report might look something like this:

Sometimes it’s hard to tell how the screenshots changed at first glance. Screenshotbot provides you image comparison tools that we think you’ll find useful.

The Hover Tool

As a first pass, you can hover in and out of the image on the left. For most of your reports, this will immediately tell you what the change is. (Side note: you can still right-click on the image on the left if you want to save the original image for manual analysis).

The Compare Tool

Sometimes, the changes are very subtle and it’s hard to see with the human eye. In these cases you can use the Compare link. The compare tool will show the modified pixels in red. If you still can’t tell (which can happen if the image is big and zoomed out on your screen), you can click the Zoom to Changes button which will animate to the a random selected pixel change.


Some of the screenshots in the above demos come from Kickstarter’s open source iOS app. Those screenshots are Copyright Kickstarter PBC, and released under the Apache License 2.0.

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