Screenshotbot Changes

This is a list of recent updates. This list may not be complete: we only list changes here that affect the way you interact with Screenshotbot.

Comparison Metrics


We have a nifty little tool to get metrics on image comparisons.

This can be used to estimate values to use in --compare-threshold.

We still recommend avoiding comparison thresholds, unless you absolutely have to.

ARM64 Linux support


We have added support for Linux ARM64 on our CLI script. This lets you run the CLI from docker on M1 Macs, and on AWS Graviton instances.

Improved GitHub check reports


GitHub checks support Markdown based reports that can be viewed directly in GitHub. Previously, we did not take advantage of this and linked your developers directly to Screenshotbot.

As of today, if you use "batched" screenshots, you should see a better report with the summarized changes directly in GitHub. You will need to click the links into Screenshotbot to actually view and review any changes.

Publicly keeping track of changes


We will use this changelog to provide future product updates.