Advanced Options

The simple installation of Screenshotbot should work for most teams. However, there might be certain situations where you might want to do some additional CI configuration for a better developer experience.

Notifying Screenshotbot of Build Failures

Usually, you'll configure the Screenshotbot CLI to run after your build. This means that if your build fails, Screenshotbot doesn't get notified.

This can lead to undesirable behavior: e.g., a Pull Request based off of the failed commit will get a Build Status error from Screenshotbot since it doesn't know how to create a report.

Instead, if you configure your CI to notify Screenshotbot when your build fails, Screenshotbot will be smart about creating a report from the previous known green build.

Just call the CLI tool with --mark-failed on failing builds. You can see an example here.

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