What is Software Testing


What is Software testing and different methods of testing

This is a gentle introduction to Software Testing. We work with many companies and we recognize that different companies have different needs.

Software Testing is the process to check that your program is working as expected, so that the end software does not have any errors. This is either done manually or automated. We encourage companies of all sizes to have automated testing. Larger companies might also be able to afford dedicated manual QA engineers.

Methods of Testing

Manual testing

Manual Testing can be time-consuming. Manual testing can work fine for shorter projects: if you don't have to maintain the code for a long time, then it might not make sense to invest time into automated tests. For this reason, many Freelances can end up relying on manual testing.

At Screenshotbot, we try to make it easy for all developers to have a bit of automation, which saves time for developers.

Automated Testing

Automated testing uses code to test your code for errors. If the software finds an error, it notifies the developer that an error has occurred while running the software and where the error has occurred. This helps the developer and saves time since they do not have to go back and run your application manually. Also by alerting you quickly, it's more likely that you'll know which change caused the bug, so you can fix it quickly and cheaply.

Things to consider while testing

Consider the tool

If you are planning on going for automated testing, the first thing that you will consider is the tool. This can affect the cost of your project and the time it takes. There are both free testing tools and more expensive Enterprise-grade tools for your project. There are even tools that might depend specifically on what platform you're targeting (e.g. Android vs iOS vs Desktop). However, remember free tools tend to be harder to set up and usually have almost no support.

At Screenshotbot we have guides how to set up the free tools so that even for the basic program you and your team will be able to automate your testing saving valuable cost.